Forest Meadow Villas—a beautiful 55 and older apartment complex located in Medina, Ohio—was the perfect candidate for solar with its individual, all-electric, single-story units and ample south facing roof space. One of the building owners, Jim Gerspacher, was interested in converting the building to solar to reduce electric costs, simplify the rental process for his tenants, and go green.

Industry: Real Estate – Rental Communities
Sustainability Solution: Solar Array

  • 1,368 rooftop solar panels mounted
  • 658,421 kWh of solar power produced each year
  • 55% of the community’s electricity will be renewable and carbon-free

*After final installation (4 years)

Problem & Solution

When it comes to going green, knowing where to begin can seem like a daunting task. This is where Viridi comes in to lead the way. Viridi’s energy engineers helped gather multiple solar proposals from trusted vendors, break those proposals down apples to apples, and analyze the true return on investment of each system. They helped equip Jim and his team with the tools they needed to make an informed and cost-effective decision for his property.

Results & Benefits

The project will be installed in four phases over four years; the final total solar system will produce around 658,421 kWh of power annually. This is equivalent to the electricity used by 90 average US homes combined. Not only does the system achieve substantial environmental and budget benefits, but it also makes the property more attractive for prospective renters. 55% of the electricity used at the apartment complex will be supplied by solar energy, and everyone will reap the benefits.

Viridi helped us through every step—from selecting and evaluating vendors and projecting the cost and savings, to explaining the responsibilities and coordinating requirements between the utility and our contractor. This challenging conversion was made much easier to understand and implement with the service and expertise of Viridi.
Jim Gerspacher, Forest Meadow Villas Owner