About the Client

Located in Wadsworth, Ohio, Clampco Products Inc. is the leading USA manufacturer of engineered joining solutions. Proudly family-owned, Clampco is committed to producing top-quality, American-made products.

Industry: Manufacturing

Sustainability Solution: LED Lighting


  • 360 fixtures
  • 108,466 kWh reduced annually
  • $17,907 energy costs reduced annually
  • Estimated 11.4 year lifespan for LED bulbs (2.5 times longer than previous bulbs)
  • 75.8 metric tons CO2e reduced per year, equivalent to:
    • Emissions generated by 9.5 average US homes in one year
    • Emissions sequestered by 90.4 acres of US forest in one year


Funding Details

$74,532       Total Project Cost

-$26,331      Rural Energy for America Program Grant

-$6,000       Efficiency Smart Utility Rebate

$42,200       Net System Cost

*Project will be paid back in 2 years


Problem & Solution

Clampco needed to update their facility’s lighting and reached out to Viridi in hopes of cutting their energy costs in the process. They chose to switch from fluorescent to LED. This move has not only lowered their energy bills but also improved the facility’s appearance and safety.


“Very pleased with the shift to LED lighting – the cost savings are substantial, and my energy bills have taken a noticeable dip. Big thanks to the Viridi team for their guidance and support. Upgrading to LED lighting was a practical investment in efficiency and long-term savings, and the added benefit of grants and incentives further cut down the project cost.” Fred Fagan, Quality Systems Manager