The Viridi Pathway to Sustainability

When it comes to going green, it can be hard to know where to start. Our simple pathway can help you customize a plan to fit your needs – wherever you may be in your sustainability journey.

Our Sustainability Toolkit

We have a comprehensive menu of energy solutions to choose from to help you accomplish your goals.

ASHRAE Levels 1, 2 and 3 energy efficiency audits to identify and evaluate energy conservation measures

Vendor selection, evaluation, and project management for on or off-site solar projects

Online platform for tracking energy usage to drive savings and measure the impact of projects — includes utility bill cataloging

For new construction or retrofits

Creative funding mechanisms for energy efficiency projects (renewable energy, equipment upgrades, lighting retrofits, etc.)

Balance your carbon footprint with Offsets from US sequestration projects

Green up your electricity usage with the environmental attributes of renewable energy generation

Help your employees go green at home through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates through our employee benefit program

Bill review to check for accuracy and identify savings opportunities

Project assessment and calculation of available rebates. Contracting with authorized rebate providers.

Potential sewer savings if you use water in your operations

Analyze costs related to peak facility load and ways to save

Vendor selection, evaluation, and project management for energy storage

Tax reduction for customers in Ohio using more than 45 million kWh annually on adjacent properties.

Data entry, reporting, and bench-marking in Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager

Coordination with local utility company representatives to assist with project management and advancement

Evaluation, selection, and project management of on-site generation

Best-in-class natural gas and electricity procurement

Service to pay utility bills. For multiple accounts, multiple locations.

For generators with grid interconnection, evaluation and selection of scheduling coordinator.

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