As the solar market continues to expand the technology develops with it, bringing along alternatives to traditional solar panels. One of these recent technologies is solar shingles.

Solar shingles are meant to replace traditional roofing materials and provide a more low-profile, modern option for on-site power generation while still providing the necessary durability and protection of a roof.  Solar shingles or solar roofs tend to be more expensive than standard solar panel systems, but offer more customization, are more fire resistant, and lower maintenance. This type of technology is a great option for businesses who are considering solar and are also looking to do a roof replacement or are constructing a new facility.

There are a variety of incentives available for solar installations, both for traditional panel systems and solar shingles, that help make these projects more affordable than ever. The Investment Tax Credit is a baseline 30% dollar for dollar tax credit for entities who install solar. Non-tax paying entities can also take advantage of this credit as a direct payment. Solar projects also qualify for additional tax depreciation benefits for tax paying entities. For qualified applicants, the USDA Rural Energy for America Program can provide grants for up to 50% and loan guarantees for up to 75% of total project costs for renewable energy projects.

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