Zero Emissions day was first celebrated in 2008 and now occurs every 21st of September. The purpose of this holiday is to spread awareness of the harmful substances we emit into the atmosphere on a daily basis, and attempt to avoid these emissions completely for one day. By doing this, we are giving the Earth a break from absorbing so many harmful pollutants for a short period of time. This day is a great time to reflect on your personal choices and brainstorm small ways to lower your carbon footprint each day.

Here are some tips on how you can limit or eliminate your carbon emissions to celebrate Zero Emissions Day!

  • Take public transportation or bike to work/school if you are able to.
  • If you must use a car, try to carpool with coworkers or friends and make sure not to idle your car if you have to stop. Instead, turn your car fully off while waiting to pick up a friend.
  • Use natural lighting at home or work instead of turning on overhead lights or lamps.
  • If you plan to take a road trip this fall season, some tips on how to make your trip as fuel-efficient as possible can be found on this page!
  • Convert your home’s electricity to renewable energy. Click here to learn more.
  • If you are running a large commercial or industrial operation, visit this page to learn more about the measures you can take to go green.